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Tax Consulting Tábor, s.r.o. - účetnictví a daňové poradenství

tř. 9. května 678, 390 02 Tábor,
tel.: +420 381 498 242, fax: +420 381 498 241, e-mail:


We provide Financial Accounting directly or by overseeing the accounting being carried out by the klient.

We offer:

  • Administration of accounting according to Czech law
  • Support and continuous supervision
  • Consulting and help by solving issues as they arise
  • Keeping you update regarding any amendments of accounting rules and their practical application
  • Settlement of monthly statements of balances as per the client's request
  • Processing of monthly or quarterly VAT returns
  • Review and final approval of accounting
  • Representation of the client during tax administrator investigations
  • Hot-line service